Motley - SeaCell Ankle Socks - Merino Wool / SeaCell

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Product Features:

  • Two color options available: Natural & Light Brown
  • Available sizes S, M, L, XL
  • Low cut / ankle height. 
  • Light / Medium weight with terry cushioned sole for comfort and unmatched thermal and moisture wicking properties. 
  • The softest and most comfortable wool socks you will ever wear. 
  • Best for all weather, everyday wear, work, sport, and leisure activities. 
  • Manufactured in Canada using 56% Merino wool, blended with 30% SeaCell for added therapeutic properties, and 14% Nylon for durability.
  • Machine washable. Super wash treated for increased washing durability and minimal shrinkage. 
  • Hand sewn flat knit toe seam for comfort. 
  • Elasticized low cut cuff and Y heal design comfortably and gently keeps the socks in place. 

Motley Woollens is a small family run sock mill in Okotoks Alberta Canada, that manufactures the finest socks and leggings. No outsourcing to other countries, all production is done on the Motley site. 

What is special about our SeaCell / Merino wool socks?
We only use the finest and softest Merino wool, we then blend our Merino wool with SeaCell®, an all natural & renewable product to add therapeutic properties. Many of the production techniques are still done by hand to ensure the highest of quality, and to minimize our effect on the environment. Fibres we use are either kept all natural without any harmful dyes, or coloured using low impact dyes. No harmful chemicals are ever used and we use 100% all natural soap for the final finishing. 

Why blend SeaCell® with our Merino wool socks?

  • Seaweed has been proven to protect the skin and have anti-inflammatory properties
  • The structure of SeaCell® contains numerous benefits for human skin. It facilitates the active exchange of substances between the skin and fabric. SeaCell® releases nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron, carbohydrates, fats and vitamin-e. 
  • SeaCell® helps promote activity and create a complete sense of well-being. 
  • The porous, open structure of the SeaCell® fibers is soft, breathable, & promotes humidity intake and release, The garment absorbs what your skin expels, while your skin absorbs the healthful elements carried in the fibers. 
  • The seaweed has been permanently incorporated into the fiber, locking the effects of the marine substances into the fiber for good, even after repeated washings.
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