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Where To Find Us

Geartrade Logo

 In the Okotoks, Alberta area? Visit Geartrade to pick up a pair of Motley socks and check out their large selection of outdoor gear. The shop is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY to ensure you can ask as many questions as possible and get expert advice.

Kopas Store Logo

Visit the Kopas Store in Bella Coola, British Columbia, for a selection of Motley socks and a diverse assortment of other enticing products.

Canadian Beeseal Boutique Logo

You can find Motley socks at the Canadian Beeseal Boutique in Dunham, Quebec, along with many other unique quality items.

Co-Branding Partnership

Go Way Out Logo

We have Collaborated with a local brand, Go Way Out. 
"Our brand is more than just clothing, it's a community. A community of individuals who share a passion for the outdoors and a desire to explore, grow and learn."